Our Story




Never Give Up Training, is a the only ‘one- stop shop’, cross- training fitness studio in the area. "N.G.U." is located just outside Center City Philadelphia in the charming neighborhood of Manayunk, and offers every service and tool one could need to live a healthy lifestyle and reach individualized goals.  In addition to top notch Personal Training and Group Fitness Classes,  Never Give Up also offers Sport- Specific Training and Training Plans, Nutrition Counseling and more.

The studio has a welcoming atmosphere and personalized feel, which promotes men and women to be motivated and inspired by each other’s lifestyle and fitness goals. N.G.U. has succeeded in not only creating workouts to fit every style and level of fitness, but has also supplied the tools and supplemental services and necessities to harness one's hard work and take it to the next level, for better results and a happier, healthier life each day.


Founded in December of 2012 by Ali Cook Jackson, “N.G.U.” is the result of a dream and a goal to change lives, inspire others and spread the importance and love for healthy lifestyle and fitness. After the start of Never Give Up Training, LLC. as solely a personal training service located in the basement of neighboring Manayunk business, the studio grew rapidly. By March of the same year, not only did the client base grow, but so did the concept and potential of the studio as a whole. Now, N.G.U. has transformed from a Personal Training business into something no one ever saw coming: a fitness studio housing a community of motivating and talented individuals and athletes, a 'family' of inspiring men and women ranging in all ages and fitness levels, and a place we now call home.