Personal Training Etiquette


To ensure 100% client satisfaction, please follow the guidelines below to ensure everyone's workout and studio experience is reaching its full potential: 


  • Arrive 5 minutes early to get yourself situation and stretch/ get ready if necessary.


  • Any late arrival to your scheduled session will cut into your workout time.


  • Put personal belongings in lounge area or lockers in the back, not in the workout area.


  • Turn all cell phones on silent or vibrate and keep them off the workout floor.


  • Be prepared with water. If you did not bring one, please purchase one for $1. You will need it!


  • If a class or session is finishing up when you arrive, be respectful and keep talking to a minimum and do not walk through the studio. 


  • If there is an injury, not feeling well or anything of the sort, alert your trainer / N.G.U. via email PRIOR to the session. There are many conditions that are not OK to be active with. In addition, your session will have to be modified and our trainers have a plan in mind for you!
  • All sessions must be cancelled within 24 hours of session time.

  • Late Cancels via e-mail ( or telephone (267- 297- 6600)  (Voicemail is fine if we are not there, but please email us in addition to a voicemail) are permitted up until the training time, but will be a loss in session.


  • If you fail to show up for a session and do not 'late cancel'  for the class you're signed up for, you will forfeit the session credit and in addition, be charged $32 (50% session cost). Our trainers travel for you and schedule around you! A 'No Show' is unacceptable!