Our Goals

 A goal without a plan, is just a wish. 


  • Our goal is your goal. We are here to help everyone who walks through the door reach their maximum potential in the most fun, effective and fastest way possible. 


  • Our goal is to create a community of individuals and an atmosphere where others feel welcome, not intimidated.


  • Our goal is to change lives. To give indivudals the chance to succeed in something they believed they couldn't succeed in, conquer the goals they thought weren't possible and to have everyone living healtheir than they were before walking through our doors. 


  • Our goal is to voice our belief that to live a healthy lifestyle, fitness is not the only puzzle piece. Healthy means to continuously be working towards bettering oneself to always live happier and feel better than ever before in all areas of life: Fitness, Mental Health, Personal Life, Professional Life, etc. We believe to have a healthy life, it is all about balance! We are here to have people look forward to their workouts, feel better after they sweat, have guidance during the process and after they walk out the doors. Our team is a community, a family and a support system. We are here for the long haul! 


  • Our Goal is to have energetic, inspiring and motivating instructors and trainers for all of our clients and athletes to utilize as a tool in order to reach their personal goals. Not only do we have a goal to have experienced and educated fitness professionals at NGU, we also want our staff to be unique, different and something to talk about. Every trainer and instructor will have their own personalty, technique and specialty. It is important to us that these qualities are worthy of your time and have you coming back for more. To have all who walks in our doors look forward to their workout is something we strive for, but to have individuals not want to leave is even better.

  • Our Goal is to create a comfortable atmosphere where fears and limitations are overcome, while success and achievements are celebrated. No matter what the goal, they are all important and worthy of attention, hard work and celebration.

NEVER GIVE UP... beyond the fitness studio.

Our wish when you walk out our doors... 

  • Never Give Up on believing in themselves.


  • Never Give Up  searching for true happiness, not just content. 


  • Never Give Up seeking out new experiences and challenging yourself physically and mentally.


  • Never Give Up dreaming big


  • Never Give Up on working hard. 


  • Never Give Up doing something that makes you feel happy.


  • Never Give Up trying to be a better, healthier individual. 


  • Never Give Up motivating others and trying to better another's life. 


  • Never Give Up enjoying every day of your life.