Fitness Classes

If it doesn't CHALLENGE you, It doesn't CHANGE you. 


Our fitness classes are a one of a kind, personalized experience unlike any you have never been a part of before! Our talented fitness instructors, Personal Trainers and team of experienced athletes combine inspirational coaching, high- energy music and a custom, unique workout that will benefit everyone who walks in the door. 


Our small group classes are designed to create an experience where athletes can come in, set a goal, clear their heads, work hard and have some fun! Each class will be no more than 12 people, (class dependent) which allows our instructors and trainers to ensure correct form for better results and injury prevention, while easily customizing the level of exercise to each individual’s needs throughout the workout. Our instructors not only act as fitness professionals, but also motivators and your guide to success. 


We offer a wide range of class options to fit the needs of every style, goal and level of client. Beyond providing intense cardio workouts through our full- body focused classes, we are proud to also offer strength training classes, core classes, toning and sculpting classes and more. Please visit our Class Description page for more information.