Class Etiquette



To ensure 100% client satisfaction, please follow the guidelines below to ensure everyone's workout and studio experience is reaching its full potential: 


  • Doors will open for class 15 minutes prior at the latest.

  • Arrive at least 10- 15 minutes prior to ZONE classes if you do not own your own MYZONE Heart Rate monitor to ensure equipment set up and enough time to get situated. All other classes please arrive at least 5 minutes early.


  • Any arrival past the 5 minute start time will not be allowed to enter the class due to safety issues. The first few moments of class is a warm up and we believe if you have missed the first 5 minutes, it is not only a distraction to enter the class, but have missed the opportunity to get your body prepared for the work ahead. (Each instructor may use their own judgement based on specific situation and class).
    • No penalty for this late arrival if another class schedule within 24 hours of the missed class.


  • Put personal belongings in lounge area or lockers in the back, not in the workout area. 


  • Turn all cell phones on silent or vibrate and keep them off the workout floor. 


  • Make sure your water is close by. If you did not bring one, please purchase one for $1. You will need it!


  • If a class or session is finishing up when you arrive, be respectful and keep talking to a minimum and do not walk through the studio. 


  • Do the workout you are instructed to do (with modifications if necessary, of course). For example, if your instructor is telling the class to do squats, you should not be doing push ups, unless previously spoken about with the instructor prior to start. The lack of direction and flow of the class is a distraction to the other athletes!


  • Keep outside conversation to a minimum. Motivating, encouraging and relevant conversation is of course always welcome.


  • After class, please wipe down your mat and any equipment you personally used. Your instructor will be in charge of community equipment (i.e.- Treadmill, Erg, etc.)


  • Be a positive, outgoing, hard working athlete to be around. Negative energy is not what we are about!


  • All classes must be cancelled 12 hours before class time. (EXAMPLES: For 5 am classes, this is 5 pm. For 5:30 pm classes, you must cancel by 5:30 am hat morning!)


  • Late Cancels are permitted up until the class time, but there will be a penalty (special circumstances will be taken into consideration):
    • Class Pack Holders:  Loss/ Forfeit of class
    • Unlimited Members: Your account will be charged the class fee of $18


  • No Shows will follow the same rules as above. (And no one else on the waitlist will be able to take advantage of the class)


  • You are able to cancel on your online account via Smart Phone or Computer and of course call us (leave a message if we do not answer).